RokMiniEvents Module (J1.5/1.6)


RokMiniEvent is a simple and elegant solution for displaying events on your site. The module syncs automatically with either Google Calendar or JomSocial, presenting basic information such as title, date and a description, which link to the full event.

The module is very intuitive, automatically adjusting itself based on your events and event ranges; simply set the number of events and the time range, and RokMiniEvents will do the rest.

Module Features

  • Sources: Choose between Google Calendar, JomSocial, RSEvents, JEvents, EventList
  • Time Range: Select events from a variety of periods
  • Time Format: Control the type of date displayed
  • Event Controls: Manage the number of events
  • Layouts: Various layout parameters
  • Animation: Transitions, durations, offsets

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