RokStock Module (J1.5/1.6)


RokStock, is an Ajax-powered stocks module. It showcases stocks information in coloured line graph, coloured indexes, draggable indexes, tooltips and much more. Visitors can easily add, remove, and reorder the stock symbols in their portfolio, this is stored locally for them in a cookie.

RokModule needs to be installed if you are using this module within Joomla 1.5.x

Module Features

  • Multiple Stocks: Display multiple stocks and compared them with the graph and data.
  • Interactivity: The module is dynamic, it can be changed by the user from adding, removing or reordering the stocks displayed.
  • Cookies: RokStock stores the users status in a cookie, therefore the tickers will appear in the same manner to them after refresh.
  • Multiple Readings: Showcase the data, either in graphical format, and/or with tooltips data display as well as 12hr or 24h time axis options.

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